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Cocoa Collagen

The Cocoa Collagen Power Plus is the newest and most reasonably priced product of cocoa collagen on the market that can reinstate the youthful prowess of women and assist women take care of their health both externally and internally. The Premixed cocoa is a delectable drink that is blended from Arabica Brasil coffee beans and high-class cocoa powder. It is enhanced with Marine Collagen for inner beauty and Nur Fatimah Lobata extract has long been employed traditionally for women’s health. It is a delicious and nutritious drink.

According to their website,, the Cocoa Collagen Power Plus contains:
1.   Marine Collagen - helps to balance hormones, improve the skin, smooth and refine skin.

2.   Nur Fatimah - help tighten the muscles of the uterus, vagina and give the power of women in husband-wife relationship.

3.  Lobata - helps increase energy and tighten memontokkan breast and buttocks.
4.    Non-dairy creamer - help to boost your health.

5.    Dextrose monohydrate - slows the aging process.

6.    Oligo Saccharine - detoxifies and upgrade the system in the body.

Also, the benefits you can get from this supplement include:
•    Help balance the hormones.
•    Stimulate new cell growth / anti-wrinkle.
•    Beautify, and refine the skin.
•    Memontokkan and enlarges breasts and buttocks.
•    Slows down the aging process.
•    Narrowing of the vagina and strengthen the relationship of husband and wife.
•    Beautify cracked heels.
•    Lightens skin naturally.
•    Provide energy.
•    Help reduce hair loss.
•    Blood circulation in the body.
•    Balance the weight.
•    Enhance digestion.
•    Reduce aches and muscle aches

Moreover, this product is not for all ages but only is appropriate for:
•    Women already / not married
•    Mothers after childbirth (highly encouraged to accelerate the inner healing)
•    Women who want beauty & health
•    Strictly prohibited for pregnant women as well as men

To gain the most effective impact or benefit: “Cocoa Collagen must be provided or in mix with hot water and its contents so that the powder dissolves completely. Then added to water to suamkan and drink half an hour before breakfast or half an hour before dinner.

Another form Cocoa Collagen is the Cocoa Collagen powder mask which has ingredients of pure cocoa powder, Collagen, goat’s milk powder, and coconut milk powder.

This from is made from the premium and most natural ingredients. This scrub helps to sanitize your face in a gentle way, without drying out the skin. Enriched with minerals and anti-oxidants, it averts free radicals from causing harm to the skin’s elastin, making it look younger and more glowing.

This Cocoa Milk facial mask is a comforting mask that will leave your skin with a gorgeous glow. It contains 100% pure cocoa powder that is well-off in antioxidants and coconut milk powder that lessens and relieves dryness of the skin. It as well restrains oatmeal that moreover helps appease dry skin. Collagen’s chief benefit is to restore skin’s elasticity and reduce/ close facial pores.

But also, other benefits include:
•    Components easily absorbed by penetrating deep into the skin.
•    It improves skin hydration protecting against premature aging caused by the sun.
•    You will have a skin smoother and firmer.
•    It reduces wrinkles.